Gifts hand wrapped in black and gold eco-friendly wrapping paper

A creative gift wrapping service with a conscience

Eco friendly gift wrapping can be creative, stylish and luxurious.

We source the best eco-friendly paper manufacturers. Each paper supplier is vetted to ensure that we use the most luxurious paper made in the most gentle and non-harmful way.

The suppliers we source are FSC registered meaning that the materials used to create the paper have come from forests that are managed responsibly. Other paper suppliers are completely tree free meaning that their paper has been made from other materials such as recycled cotton rags.

It’s not just the paper we use that is eco friendly. We also ensure that the ribbons and accessories that add the finishing touches to your gifts are also eco-friendly.

We pride ourselves on wrapping a gift to the highest of quality of presentation and will embrace your specific needs and requirements.

Working with corporate and individual clients or retailers we wrap for all occasions including; Business events and hospitality, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah, Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings and many more. Whatever the occasion we are here to support your luxury eco gift wrapping needs.

Personally wrapped gifts in premium white, gold, silver and paper with white roses

Some examples of what we do

Wrapping Sample Wrapping Sample Wrapping Sample Wrapping Sample

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